We strive to create value for our customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the ecology by considering our business activities’ social and environmental consequences.

As a global business, we assess the economic impact on the societies we belong to, maximize positive contributions, and minimize adverse effects.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring the highest level of care and well-being of our animals;
  • Respecting the rules of law, regulations, and guidelines, conducting our business with integrity, and showing respect for human dignity and the rights of individuals wherever we do business;
  • Creating mutual advantage in all our relationships;
  • Demonstrating respect for the natural environment and working towards our goals of no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment;
  • Protecting the environment and the safety of people and animals;
  • Supporting human rights;
  • Engaging, learning from, respecting, and supporting the communities and culture within which we work;