With over 30 years of experience in the CRO industry spanning Human and Animal health across various departments, Theo provides leadership for Clinvet and other companies in the Clinglobal group. His responsibilities span the complete R&D value chain in Animal Health to offer a broad-based service to the local and international Animal Health, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Industries at our research facilities, services, data analytics, laboratories, and support teams.

Theo Erasmus, MMEDSc

Group Executive

A qualified chartered accountant with over 15 years of experience in the CRO industry. Wessel oversees all business operations to ensure quality customer delivery and operational support to the Clinglobal group companies. He is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and implementing new strategic initiatives in line with the company strategy, and promoting a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity.

Wessel Fourie, CA (SA)


Dr. Fourie has been researching veterinary medicines for more than 20 years. Active in the scientific arena and the coauthor of over 75 scientific papers and guidance, two book chapters, and a two-volume book series on parasiticide screening in vitro and in vivo tests, Dr. Fourie oversees the group’s research operations worldwide.

Josephus Fourie, PhD

Vice President: Research Operations

A molecular biologist with a PhD in tick ecology, Dr. Madder developed an academic career as a Professor of veterinary entomology at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium, and as an extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He focused his research on the surveillance and control of vectors and vector-borne diseases in LMIC and developed countries. Dr. Madder supports scientific research projects and GCP/GLP studies and contributes to in vivo and in vitro research model development and validation at Clinvet sites.

Maxime Madder, PhD

Director: Parasitology and Vector-Borne Diseases

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Maree focused on developing improved recombinant vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) and the transmission of FMDV among African buffalo. His research group made several contributions to the custom-engineering and structural design of improved FMD vaccines. Dr. Maree was the OIE/WOAH designated expert for FMD in southern Africa and served as the Global FMD Research Alliance (GFRA) chairperson.

Francois Maree, PhD

Director: Biologics and Infectious Diseases

Following his residency and PhD, Dr. Hare worked in increasingly senior positions in a global animal health Pharma company. He then co-founded and led an animal health CRO for 13 years. Since 2017, Dr. Hare has been a product development consultant for the animal health market. He has been pivotal in the registration of several drugs in the companion animal space. In 2021, Dr. Hare became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

Jonathan Hare, DVM, PhD, DACVCP

Director: Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics

A registered veterinary and laboratory animal technician with an MSc in pharmaceutical medicine, Jennifer has over 15 years of clinical and preclinical experience in the animal health industry. Jennifer supports study design, monitoring, scientific writing, project and lead management, and quality systems development.

Jennifer Heathcote, RVT, RLAT, MSc (Hons)

Director: Research Quality and Support

Dr. Simmons has over 20 years of experience in animal health regulatory affairs in Europe and the USA, with knowledge in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East/Africa, and Latin America. Dr. Simmons was ELANCO’s VP of Global Regulatory Affairs and led a regulatory consultant business before joining Clinglobal to build and lead the group’s regulatory affairs division and support customers on regulatory strategy for product development and lifecycle management.

Kimberly Simmons, DVM

Director: Global Regulatory Affairs

Throughout her career, Robyn worked in quality and compliance roles within pharmaceutical, CROs, and animal health companies, which helped her develop a holistic approach to quality. Experienced with FDA, EPA, and OECD GLPs, GCPs (ICH and VICH), and vaccine USDA requirements, Robyn leads and oversees the Clinglobal group’s quality systems integration, harmonization, and compliance.

Robyn Durr-Henry, MSc, RQAP-GLP

Director: Quality Assurance and Compliance

A qualified Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Global Management Accountant, and a holder of a Master’s in Accounting Science (Tax), Carli has over ten years of experience in the finance industry and gained extensive knowledge in risk assessment, deal structuring, corporate law, and tax structuring. Carli is studying towards her LLM in commercial law. Within Clinglobal, she heads the Finance, Contracting, and Legal department and oversees all legal and admin-related tasks.

Carli Botha, CA (SA), ACMA, CGMA, Mcom Tax

Director: Finance, Contracting, and Legal

A veterinary surgeon with an MBA and Master’s in business consultancy, Dr. Graff has had a diverse career in the animal health CRO industry in Europe and the USA. Within Clinglobal, Dr. Graff focuses on establishing collaborations with customers and partners and developing business opportunities across territories and industries.

Germán Graff, DVM, MBA

Director: Business Development and Marketing

Since joining the group in 2012, Stephen has been instrumental in designing and implementing the lead and project management systems and processes and the growth of the Clinglobal Mauritius office. Stephen heads the Clinglobal Lead Management and Project Administration teams and is crucial to Clinglobal’s customer management efforts.

Stephen Brown, MA

Deputy Director: Project Lead and Administration

In his over ten years with the Clinglobal group, Alec was involved in establishing Clinvet Morocco’s clinical research facility, implementing the Clinvet and Clinglobal processes at ILRI (Kenya) and Clinvet South Dakota (SD, USA), and managing grant programs and special projects in Africa. Alec facilitates multi-organization partnerships and collaborations to develop solutions for livestock farmers in LIMCs.

Alec Evans, MSc

Program Manager

Dr. Labuschagne is a biochemist with diverse post-doctoral experience in applied industrial biotechnology and is involved in novel molecular and biochemical detection assay development and recombinant protein production for preventative and therapeutic use. Coinventor of seven patents and coauthor of eleven peer-reviewed papers and a book chapter, Dr. Labuschagne is responsible for Clinglobal’s bioinformatics program.

Michel Labuschagne, PhD

Director: Research Innovation

Through over 30 years of experience in preclinical drug development for food and companion animals, Karen developed and validated efficacy models in pain, dermatology, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, emesis, seizures, BRD, SRD, gastric ulcers, and coccidiosis. Karen’s extensive knowledge in basic research and product development helps guide new model developments, assess new projects, and coordinate development programs across the Clinglobal group and external partners.

Karen Newhall, BSc, MBA

Program Manager

Lindsey has extensive experience in clinical field studies across animal species and therapeutic areas. Before joining Clinglobal, Lindsey was the Global Team Leader of a large CRO’s clinical development team and Technical Manager to UK and US personnel. Her expertise ensures the successful execution of product development programs within the Clinglobal group and the management of external partners and vendor relationships.

Lindsey Edwards, BSc

Program Manager

A Master Engineer in Logistics, Elodie specializes in Clinglobal support systems, processes harmonization, and the group company’s integration. Experienced in coordinating projects within a highly regulatory environment, Elodie was instrumental in the implementation of Clinglobal’s operational model and QMS at Clinvet US (NY, USA), ILRI (Kenya), and Clinvet South Dakota (SD, USA), and the Controlled Documents Management System across Clinglobal group companies.

Elodie Pienaar, M Eng

Principal Specialist: Business Projects