Lizel Roets

Deputy Director: Quality & Risk Management

As part of the Clinglobal team I am responsible for Risk management and Compliance across all companies to ensure that all companies and any subcontractors/vendors comply to applicable regulations and guidelines as stipulated by global regulatory agencies. I started my career as medical researcher in Haematology in 1993 and this was followed by a career in Quality Assurance in 2005. I have 8 years’ experience as Quality Assurance auditor in Human Health followed by 3 years as QA in Animal Health for Clinvet. My journey with Clinglobal started in 2016, so overall I have 15 years’ experience in the quality environment.

My current responsibilities includes collaboration with the QA teams, as part of the global QA community of practise team, at the different sites on issues and there we plan to have all processes globalised to ensure consistency of procedures across sites as well as the management of regulated system compliance across companies by ensuring that all relevant computer systems used, are validated and therefore fit for intended use, this includes change control of mentioned systems, periodic review and ensuring regulatory compliance. In addition, I am responsible for the qualification of all software vendors used across sites as per CG SOPs.

I am totally committed to my job and love working in the quality environment and to ensure that I stay abreast of any new developments, I am an active member of the Society of Quality Assurance (SQA) and I am a Registered Quality Assurance Professional (RQAP) in GCP.

For those who does not know this yet, I really love travelling, chatting and auditing!